About the Company
Tackling some of societies largest issues has proven a day-to-day mission for Better Than We Found It, one of the first public benefit corporations in Delaware. We understand the link between entrepreneurship and the architectural design of society and use this thought process to develop innovative and practical solutions. The company’s founder and CEO, Darrell Park says, “Imagine if every American began supporting more conscious companies to grow and get market share in the economy, and bought more American made goods. Our citizens would thrive, our economy would thrive and our nation would thrive. The solutions are right in front of us – we just need to work together and make things happen.”

About the Founder
Darrell Park is a life-long public policy nerd who has a passion for finding real world solutions to America’s problems. After earning an undergraduate degree in History from Allegheny College and a graduate degree in Public Policy from Georgetown University, Park embarked on a nearly decade-long stint as a career civil servant in the White House complex, where he saw first-hand the historic multi-year balancing of the Federal Budget and experienced what was possible when America is motivated towards a common goal. He moved west to attend Stanford Business School, joined a start-up, and fell in love with the creativity and innovation of entrepreneurship. He is married with a young son, and divides his professional time between new start-up projects and envisioning real-world solutions to America’s toughest problems.