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About the Book

With a matter-of-fact approach and passionate dedication to efficiency, Darrell Park provides a wealth of real-world, tangible solutions to the myriad of problems facing us.

Better Than We Found It explains dozens of complex and entrenched issues that plague today’s world and applies a thoughtful and straight-forward approach to problem solving.

Solutions abound, from the obvious to the outlandish. With each new chapter you might find yourself asking “Why don’t we do this already?” As refreshing as he is irreverent, Park demystifies the challenges facing us and identifies the tools and methods – that often already exist – with which we can solve them.

Required reading for anyone who cares about the problems facing us, Better Than We Found It is a singular voice of reason among the indignant tirades that saturate the media. If you’re looking for a balanced source of simple solutions for the problems we face today, this is the book for you.

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